Yoga Burn Review. Lose Weight, Increase Flexibility And Boost Immunity

Yoga has become more and more popular among women to shape and tone their bodies, de-stress, manage weight, and gain flexibility. However, many women are not seeing the results they could be seeing because they are not performing yoga correctly. Yoga should be progressive and personalized toward each woman’s experience levels and abilities. Mainstream yoga classes cater to the average, so they are not beneficial for women of all ranges. Yoga Burn was created to correct this problem and allow women to have better results through their yoga experience.

General description

Yoga Burn was designed exclusively for women by Zoe Bray Cotton, a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female fitness expert. It is a guided approach to a unique yoga program that promises a toned body, less stress, weight loss, increased flexibility, and boosted immunity. It is a 12-week program series that features 15 different videos, separated into 3 progressive phases. It is designed for women with all types of experiences and abilities, including step-by-step tutorials and modifications for everyone.

Product details

Zoe Bray Cotton, the designer of Yoga Burn, created the program so that women may avoid the 3 most common mistakes in yoga. These 3 common mistakes often lead to injury, increased stress, and weight gain. She explains that the first mistake is to attend generic yoga classes. Large-group yoga classes are designed to accommodate everyone, including men and people with different levels of experience. These classes are often ineffective and can be dangerous because it is important to perform poses that are within your experience and ability range. The second mistake is to believe that all yoga will destress and relax you.

Zoe found that mainstream yoga classes produce more stress because of the many discomforts that are associated with working out in large groups and not within your abilities. Finally, the biggest mistake to make in yoga is to perform the same poses over and over again. Yoga classes tend to be the same each week, lacking in progression and adaptation to push the body further. Those performing yoga will not find successful results unless they consider their experience, flexibility, and goals.

Yoga Burn was designed to avoid all three of these mistakes. Women can enjoy the experience of yoga in any environment by taking advantage of Yoga Burn’s physical DVDs or digital downloads. The program includes modifications for women with any amount of yoga experience, from very new beginner to expert, and even includes modifications for those who are pregnant. It is exclusively tailored to be effective for women’s bodies and includes over 20 pose tutorials to ensure that poses are being done correctly. Finally, it uses the unique and key feature of dynamic sequencing to ensure that the body is continuously being challenged.

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Dynamic sequencing ensures that those who are performing yoga perform exactly the correct poses for the correct amount of time and in the correct sequences. It challenges the body without pushing it too far, ensuring that the body is being forced to adapt without risk of injury. This is how the body builds shape and reaps the benefits of yoga.

The 12-week program includes 3 phases through 15 different videos. Phase 1 is called the Foundational Flow, in which beginners will build a solid yoga foundation, and those who are experienced will learn new, unique poses. Phase 2 is called Transitional Flow, in which women will learn to maximize of the stress-relief benefits of yoga, learn new sequences, and transition into poses that are designed to target female problem areas. Phase 3 is called the Mastery Flow, in which women will combine what they’ve learned from Phases 1 and 2, and progress even more to deliver maximum physical results. A quick-start class is available, in addition to the main program as well.

Those who purchase Yoga Burn will receive four bonus gifts that will deliver faster results. These gifts have a combined value of $247, but come free with the program. The first gift is the Yoga Burn audio classes, which complement the main program and make it even more convenient. Users can choose to listen to the classes on a smartphone, mobile device, or iPod. The next gift is an additional video called Tranquility Flow, designed to give women the opportunity to further find immediate stress relief through calming yoga. Another bonus is the inclusion into a large community of women called Immersion. Through Immersion, women may ask and answer questions, share support, and receive individualized help. Finally, YogaBurn Monthly is included to help women master the major styles of yoga and naturally learn which style is best suited for their bodies and lifestyles.

The entire program, with free gifts included, costs $47 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Those who purchase the program will receive immediate access through a digital download as well as the physical collection at no extra cost.


  • Created by a certified instructor. Yoga Burn was created by Zoe Bray Cotton, who is an internationally certified yoga instructor. She is also a certified personal trainer and female fitness expert. She has taught all major forms of yoga for over a decade.
  • Dynamic sequencing. Yoga Burn utilizes dynamic sequencing to carefully and safely challenge the body. Without this challenge, the body will not make changes, and the results women are looking for in yoga will not be seen. Dynamic sequencing builds the body’s shape and maximizes the yoga experience.
  • Modifications. Yoga Burn is designed to be utilized by every woman. It includes modifications for beginners and experts, as well as modifications for those who are pregnant. It ensures that the program is personally tailored toward each woman.
  • Bonus gifts. The four bonus gifts would otherwise cost purchasers $247. Those who purchase the program receive an extra DVD for tranquility, audio classes, inclusion in a supportive community, and YogaBurn Monthly at no extra cost.
  • Ability to enjoy from any environment. Instead of being uncomfortable in large yoga classes, women will find more enjoyment in their yoga experience by having control over the environment. Yoga Burn can be performed from the comfort of the home, beach, backyard, wilderness trail, or anywhere that the woman feels comfortable.
  • Low cost. The program comes at a great value of only $47, which is much less than a mainstream class or gym membership costs. It also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


  • Women only. This is not a program that women can share with their husbands or boyfriends. It is specifically tailored for a woman’s body and will not be beneficial for men.
  • Must be willing to follow entire program. Since the program follows dynamic sequencing, women must be willing to follow the entirety of the program to see results. It is a 12-week program and women must commit to it in order to reap the benefits of yoga.

Final words

Yoga Burn is a valuable program for women who are interested in using yoga to reach their physical goals, destress, and boost metabolism. Its unique dynamic sequencing technique is pertinent in achieving results and enjoying the true benefits that can come from yoga. Since it can be easily modified and is perfect for all experience levels, it is more effective than mainstream yoga classes. It comes at a great cost and has many benefits that make the purchase well worth it.