Venus Factor Extreme Review. Boost Your Metabolism And Burn Fat

Women often find it the most difficult to lose weight, get in shape, and maintain that weight loss and tone. Women’s bodies tend to gain weight naturally as they age and as they begin to lead busier, more demanding lives. Careers, parenthood, and everyday stress get in the way of eating healthy and exercising. Their metabolism slows and they find themselves stuck in a cycle of gaining weight, while being too busy to lose it. Venus Factor Xtreme is a unique diet and exercise program designed specifically for women to help them naturally lose weight and get toned, personalized around their lifestyles.

General description

Venus Factor Extreme uses a combination of customized meal and exercise plans to strategically make the program beneficial for each woman. It uses custom nutritional software, customized meal plans to suit each woman’s tastes, and workout videos. Since it accommodates the individual lifestyles of each woman, it has been found to efficiently work for any woman. This makes it easier for women to commit to the program and see results that last.

Product details

Venus Factor Xtreme was created by a best-selling international author of multiple diet and fitness programs, John Barban. John has a master’s degree in human biology and nutrition, and has dedicated most of his adult life to helping women safely and effectively lose weight.

Venus Factor Xtreme uses no gimmicks, pills, powders, or potions; it allows you to efficiently lose weight and tone your bodies without ever stepping into a gym. It uses a custom program based on your current measurements, personal food preferences, schedule, and exercise capabilities to personalize each plan. It features a strategic 4-phase approach that is specifically designed for your body.

Although the diet and meal plans are completely personalized, they include the “5 Wonder Veggies for Women.” Studies have revealed that these five specific vegetables are most important to boost metabolism and help a woman’s bodies burn fat. These veggies include spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, and chili peppers. Luckily, you will not have to figure out how to incorporate these foods into your meals as the program comes with a nutritional program manual. This manual includes custom meal plans and advanced education on the best food choices for you. The custom software provides specific, personalized caloric goals for each week.

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Participation in the exercise portion of the program is optional and based on your capabilities. However, the exercise program is highly recommended to obtain the quickest and best results. The exercise program can be conveniently completed from home and includes over 100 video coaching lessons to explain how and when to execute each exercise. It ensures that the exercises are safely and efficiently executed so that they will be more effective.

In addition to the program, you will be invited into a community of thousands of other women who are using the program, and those who have found success with the program called Immersion. This is a unique online community where women can ask and answer questions while receiving and giving support to one another. Venus Factor Xtreme never wants any woman to feel alone in their weight loss and body-shaping journey. Immersion supplies the support and confidence women need to ensure that they remain committed to the program.

Venus Factor Xtreme costs $37 plus shipping and handling. You will receive immediate digital access to the program, as well as the complete physical collection. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you decide that the program is not suited for you.


  • Affordable. Instead of paying for a gym membership, personal trainer, or personal nutritionist, you will only need to pay a one-time payment of $37, plus shipping and handling, for a program that you will be able to use for a lifetime. Other types of personalized nutrition plans or exercise programs often continue to cost money for memberships or session fees. VFX Body consists of a one-time payment and is cheaper than a gym membership or seeing a nutritionist.
  • Personalized. Everything about the program is specifically tailored to the individual woman. It is 100% customizable and accommodates your individual lifestyle, personal food preferences, your demands, schedules, and exercise capabilities. Instead of a generic plan, the plan works around your life and preferences, making it easier to work it into your daily life. This will also make it easier to commit to, as your lifestyle will not need to be drastically altered. Instead, it adds the nourishment your body needs and easy workout plans so that changes can be made around your schedule.
  • Created by an expert. John Barban has a master’s degree in human biology and nutrition. He has dedicated most of his adult life to helping women lose weight and has written many trusted best-selling diet and fitness programs.
  • Access to support. When the program is purchased, you are granted instant access to the supportive community called Immersion. Immersion is an online community filled with other VFX Body customers, beginners and experts, as well as John Barban himself. This community is a great place to ask questions and find support throughout the program.
  • Digital and physical copies. Instead of having to choose, you will receive both a digital and physical copy of Venus Factor Xtreme. This continues to make the program suit any lifestyle, as some may enjoy the convenience of digital while others like the security of having a physical copy. The ability to have both versions of the program makes it more available to everyone. Those who do not own a DVD player would be able to use the digital version, while those who are not technically inclined may be more comfortable with the DVD version.


  • Women only. This is not a program that is meant to be shared with male friends, spouses, or significant others. It is tailored specifically for women.

Final words

Venus Factor Xtreme is a great system for women who are ready to lose weight, become healthier, and have toner bodies. It provides customized plans that cater to a woman’s lifestyles, food preferences, and abilities. It is not a generic program that will only works for some; it is 100% personalized and created by an expert in women’s health. It comes at a great price and has the potential to help you get into the best shape of your life.