Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review. Unlock Your Most Important Muscle

Tight hip flexors cause a large number of problems within the body from the obvious pain and discomfort to surprising effects such as circulatory issues, digestive problems, and sluggishness. Many athletes and those who exercise suffer from tight hip flexors, but those who sit often are also at high risk. Sitting at a desk, on a couch, and in a car, causes the most damage and tightness to hip flexors. However, since hip flexors are deep within the body, many find it difficult to correct this problem. This is why Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created.

General Description

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a unique program designed to help you unlock the body’s most important muscle. The hip flexors control the body’s balance and ability to sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, walk, and step. The program includes an easy-to-follow instructional that walks you through movements in a specific order called the Sequential Flow Method. The flow method makes reaching this difficult muscle achievable and easy for anyone.

Product Details

A large majority of people suffer from tight hip flexors and do not realize it. Tight hip flexors can be brought on by injury or certain exercises, but are most often caused by constant sitting. Most people sit more than stand throughout the day; whether it is sitting at a desk, on the couch, or in the car. This constant sitting causes weakness, shortness, and tightness in the psoas major muscle, which is an important muscle within the hip flexors. When the hip flexors become tight, they cause joint pains, discomfort while walking, bad posture, circulatory issues, and lack of performance at the gym or in sports. Many may be surprised that this tightness also causes trouble sleeping, sluggishness, anxiety, digestive problems, a compromised immune system, and loss of sexual performance.

Tight hip flexors often go undiagnosed because they are buried deep within the abdomen and the psoas major muscle, the most important muscle, is within the well of the hip and lower spine. The psoas major is the only muscle that joins the lower body and upper body and is the key to neutral pelvic alignment. It stabilizes the hips, supports the lower spine and abdomen, supports organs, and gives the body mobility and core strength. Unfortunately, many people have a weakened and tight psoas major muscle and have difficulty correcting this problem.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors was strategically designed by national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist, and personal trainer, Mike Westerdal, with the help of kinesiologist and injury specialist, Rick Kaselj, MS. Rick taught Mike how to work through a specific sequence of techniques to banish tight hip flexors and regain mobility.
The most important aspect of Unlock Your Hip Flexors is the use of the Sequential Flow Method. Releasing tight hip flexors requires a specific set of movements completed in a specific order. This meticulously-designed order of movements unravels all of the tissues in the hip flexor and breaks up scar tissue. At the same time, it increases blood flood to hip flexors, which cleanses them of toxins and reduces inflammation.

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Most people try to loosen hip flexors with static stretching alone. Unlock Your Hip Flexors shows why static stretching is not the answer to tight hip flexors and how to achieve the best results. The DVD includes instructional for ten exercises, including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, which activates a specific muscle to relax the muscles surrounding a joint. It also features Dynamic Stretching to progressively move joints, 3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises to target the muscle in all planes of movement, Mobility Exercises to help muscles move more freely, Fascia Stretching to loosen and lengthen the fascia, and Muscle Activation Movements to activate muscles that are not often used.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an easy-to-follow program that can be used daily. It includes a DVD video, which is split into two sections. The first is the Coaching Instructional Video, which walks through each exercise in detail. Beginning with this section is important to achieving results, as the exercises must be completed correctly. Once you have become comfortable with the exercises, you can switch to the Follow Along option. This allows you to perform the exercises in a flow without stopping for instructions. The program also includes a manual that provides more information about the psoas major muscle and detailed descriptions of the exercise movements.

Those who order Unlock Your Hip Flexors will also receive two bonus gifts. In addition to the program, you’ll receive Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings: The Key to A Healthy Back and Perfect Posture. This extra DVD and manual is a $29 value and teaches you how to reverse damage to the hamstrings that comes from constant sitting. The techniques will reduce the likelihood of injury, improve athletic performance, correct posture, and alleviate pain in the lower back. In addition, they’ll receive The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Automatically Heal Your Body with the Right Foods. This manual, a $17 value, teaches you how to follow a holistic diet to naturally alleviate pains, soreness, and stiffness in the body. It includes diet recommendations, meal plans, shopping lists, and supplement tips.

There are two buying options. For $10, buyers will receive instant access to the digital version. They will be provided with an instant download for the program as well as the bonuses. For $15, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling, buyers will receive the physical version of the program as well as access to the digital downloads. Unlock Your Hip Flexors offers a full refund within 60 days of purchase, allowing any unsatisfied customer to be completely refunded with no questions asked.


  • Backed by professionals. Rick Kaselj, MS is a kinesiologist and injury specialist who has given over 352 presentations to more than 8,152 health professionals. He taught Mike Westerdal, creator of the program, the specific movements and order of the flow for the best results. Mike Westerdal is also a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist, personal trainer, Iron Man magazine contributor, and founder of CriticalBench.com. It has also been reviewed and approved by professionals such as fitness and performance specialist, Frank Daniels; physical therapist, Erin Nielson; owner of Optimax Performance Training, Brian Klepacki, MS; certified personal trainer, Ivan Gomez; and many more.
  • Health benefits. Tight hip flexors cause many health problems that are not often realized. Unlock Your Hip Flexors will help correct bad posture and decrease sleeping issues, sluggishness, anxiety, and digestive problems. It can help improve the digestive system, circulatory issues, and alleviate pain throughout the body.
  • Affordable. A personal consultation with Rick Kaselj costs $300 an hour. The program normally costs $50, but is being offered for $10 for the digital version or $15, plus shipping and handling, for the physical version. It also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee for any unsatisfied customers.
  • Convenient. The program only takes 10 to 15 minutes a day and can be added to daily workouts or used alone. The digital versions allow the program to be used from any device.
  • Bonuses. Two bonuses are included that would normally cost $46, but come free with the program. Both of the bonuses complement the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings helps to further alleviate pain, correct posture, and improve athletic performance. The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet provides diet recommendations, meal plans, shopping lists, and supplement tips to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, soreness, and stiffness.


  • Hip-replacement patients should consult doctor first. Due to the area targeted, those who have received hip-replacement surgery should consult a doctor before use. The program includes exercises that may be harmful to these patients.

Final Words

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a unique program designed for anyone that guarantees to alleviate pain and provide numerous benefits to the entire body. It is easy to follow, quick, and convenient so that seeing fast results is achievable for anyone. The program comes at an extremely affordable price with valuable bonuses that complement the package perfectly. The program’s specially-designed flow of movements provides customers with results that will not be found elsewhere.