SaleHoo Review. Get Access to Over 8,000 Genuine Wholesale Product Suppliers

Selling products online can be a risky business if sellers are not equipped with the right tools, resources, and trusted suppliers. Sellers should feel secure when purchasing large amounts of stock from suppliers, and have the right marketing tools to help their business flourish. They should also have many suppliers and products to choose from. SaleHoo provides this necessary security, resources, and selection for suppliers, as well as online support and services to its members.

General description

SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier directory with added membership benefits of specialized training, access to research data and analysis, and the option to build an online store with a customized domain name and logo. It offers over 8,000 genuine, trusted, wholesale suppliers including those with brand name products. Over 1,000 of these suppliers also offer dropship supply for those who cannot buy products upfront. Paid members have access to Market Research Labs, which allows sellers to make knowledgeable business decisions based on real data and analysis.

Product details

SaleHoo has over 8,000 genuine wholesale suppliers with over 1.6 million products at wholesale prices for sellers to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or their own online store. The suppliers are trusted and there is no danger of selling counterfeit goods. The service is offered all over the world, as many of the suppliers ship internationally. Over 1,000 of these suppliers also offer dropshipping for those who do not or cannot buy products upfront. These suppliers send the products directly to the sellers’ customers, making selling their products even more convenient.

Members of SaleHoo receive benefits beyond access to trusted suppliers. Paid members have access to SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs, which allow sellers to make smarter business decisions. Market Research Labs allow the sellers to research products to determine if they’ll be profitable before they purchase stock. Sellers can see trends, competition statistics, and ideas for the newest products to avoid losing money on products that may be more difficult to sell.

They have access to information regarding the supply and demand of products, giving them the ability to decide if the competition is too strong or if they’ll be able to stay ahead and make great sales. They can compare products side-by-side to find which products have the potential to give them the highest profits. In addition, they have user-friendly access to their own stores’ statistics, showing their own profits and trends.

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SaleHoo also offers the ability for sellers to create their own online stores instead of trying to sell against top competitors on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Sellers can choose from 15 professional templates to easily create a user-friendly and easy-to-manage online store. The stores come with built-in marketing tools and access to SaleHoo’s services. There are three pricing options and sellers may choose to cancel or upgrade their plans at any time.

Pricing begins at US$27 a month for the Basic plan. The Basic includes the online store, phone and email support, free setup, a custom domain, free business logo, and a $100 Google Adwords voucher. The store can have a maximum of 200 products and includes 200 MB of monthly bandwidth, the ability to store up to 600 images, and one customized email address. However, this plan does not include access to SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs or the wholesale supplier directory.

The most popular plan is the Standard plan, which costs US$47 a month. The Standard plan includes everything from the basic plan plus access to SaleHoo’s Market Research Labs, the wholesale supplier directory, and coupons and discounts. The store can have a maximum of 5,000 products and includes 400 MB of monthly bandwidth, unlimited image storage, and three customized email addresses.

The Premium plan costs $97 and includes all of the features from the Basic and Standard plans. In addition, it includes digital product processing and specialized traffic training. Stores on the Premium plan may have unlimited products, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and unlimited image storage. They are also provided with up to 20 customized email addresses.

SaleHoo also offers free access to training materials. These free lessons include information regarding eBay and Amazon selling, importing and shipping, product sourcing, business setup, website management, and scam prevention.


  • Access to Market Research Labs. Market Research Labs is a powerful resource for sellers. The information provided to sellers within the labs help them make better business decisions and learn to sell the most profitable products.
  • Access to trusted suppliers. Sellers have no danger of being scammed or selling counterfeit goods to their customers because SaleHoo ensures that the suppliers are genuine and trusted. Many of these suppliers offer brand-name products and ship internationally.
  • Option to dropship. For sellers who are just starting out, dropship is a great option. It allows sellers to make a profit from goods without providing money upfront. Sellers simply list the products on their stores. When a customer makes a purchase, the seller collects the money, then buys the product from the supplier. The supplier then directly ships the product to the customer.
  • Professional online stores. Paid members own their online stores, which are easy to set-up and manage. Depending on the package selected, members have access to several resources for their stores, as well as phone and email support.
  • Google Adwords voucher included. All paid members receive a $100 voucher for Google Adwords. Google Adwords help sellers’ stores and products be seen more often by customers who are searching for products. It brings more traffic to online stores and helps them be more successful.
  • Specialized support. Members receive phone and email support from both SaleHoo. A member forum is also available for members to ask questions and support each other.


  • Resources and access are only offered for Standard and Premium members. Basic members do not have access to SaleHoo’s wholesale supplier directory or Market Research Labs. These resources are quite valuable, so sellers must be able to afford at least US$47 a month to have access to them.
  • Small number of templates for online stores. SaleHoo only offers 15 templates for members to create online stores. While the templates make the stores easier to set up and manage, they may restrict customizability and the amount that the stores can be personalized.

Final words

SaleHoo takes the risk out of buying wholesale for online sellers by providing them with trusted suppliers and the resources needed for a profitable business. Market Research Labs is a powerful tool and the amount of support that is available makes SaleHoo a great resource for online sellers.