Love Commands Review. Control The Mind of Your Man

It is every woman’s dream to be able to understand men and fluently speak the language of love. Every woman wishes to be in control of her own destiny and able to choose the man of her dreams, and to make that dream a reality, even if that man is just not into her yet. Imagine being able to get inside your man’s head and control his mind, making him love you, or fall in love with you all over again.

It is no secret that certain men are players and treat women as objects and trophies, just something else to brag about at the bar with their buddies. Ladies, imagine getting your sweet revenge my making him your love slave forever, or until you have had enough. Take control of your man and your relationship, and you will have your man begging you for more. Still single? You can be in control of your destiny and choose any man you want. Tired of waiting for him to propose? You can now change his mind and be engaged in no time.

What is Love Commands?

Relationship expert Scott Foster, teaches you and explains how certain phrases or words can be used to control the mind of your man and create an attraction within him that is very potent. The great thing is that the words and phrases are so subtle that you can include them in your daily conversation without it sounding obvious or out of place. Love Commands uses psychology to help you take control of your partner and create the relationship and commitment that you want.

How does Love Commands work?

You may think that Love Commands is a book of love spells that help you to cast an everlasting love spell over your partner. This is incorrect, Love Commands is, in fact, a book that contains the Love Command program which has been successfully tested by many women, and it is backed up by the years of psychological experience that Scott Foster has to offer. Scott used his experience as a dating expert and relationship coach, as well as the psychology behind love to develop this powerful program.

The program teaches you different commands and when to use these commands for your desired results. If you are single and would like to get a man to notice and fall in love with you, why not try the “instant love birds” command that will make him see you as marriage material and the complete package. He will instantly see you as his soul mate, his best friend, his lover and he will want to make you his for life.

All relationships experience a low point at some time or another when the flame dies, and it seems like the relationship is doomed. Well with the Love Commands program you can quickly get it back on track by using the “desire reset” command. This command will make your partner fall in love with you all over again; he will want you and treat you like he did when you first started dating, instantly rekindling the passion.

The Love Commands program contains loads of different commands for all different types scenarios, so no matter what you want your partner or future partner to do or feel, you will find a command to achieve it. Not over your ex yet and want him back? No problem, the “love me again” command will have him back in your arms in no time, regardless of whether or not he has someone new.

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If the man of your dreams is a player that jumps from one woman to the next, with the Love Commands program, you can easily tame him and change his ways. The “shiny object syndrome” command will make him change his ways and commit to you forever. These are just some of the commands you will find in the program. Love Commands is a comprehensive program and relationship guide containing more than 15 secret love commands to spark the desire in your partner or future partner.

The commands will trigger emotions that will make the man behave and respond in a predictable way towards you, making you fully in control of the relationship. These commands are not love spells or magic tricks, but secret phrases that work psychologically and that have been tested by many with great success. Each secret love phrase can be used on its own so you can choose the ones that will give you the results you want.

Pros and cons of Love Commands

Tired of the emotional stress and turmoil of a relationship that has faded or a man that is afraid to commit? What about that guy you have had your eye on but doesn’t seem to notice you? Make him yours with a few simple words that you can find in the Love Commands program.


  • The Love Commands program contains over 15 secret love phrases
  • The program can help you get your ex back, rekindle your current relationship or snag the man of your dreams
  • Ideal for single or involved women
  • The program will teach you how to take control of your partner psychologically
  • The phrases are simple and can be included in everyday conversation without standing out
  • Your commitment-phobic man won’t hesitate to pop the question
  • The Love Commands program is easy to understand and quick to learn so you can get started straight away
  • Works for all women regardless of age, size or shape


  • Only available online
  • The program is only for women to use with men


No matter your relationship status, age, whether you are short, tall, fat or skinny, the Love Commands program will work for all women. Finally, the power is in your hands. The comprehensive program teaches you how to psychologically control your partner and get the results that you are looking for. Many women have achieved success with the program and so can you. With a money-back guarantee you can try it risk-free.