Eat Stop Eat Review. Control Your Diet and Hunger

Studies have found that intermittent fasting can result in weight loss and other health benefits for the body. Human beings have relied on a natural cycle of calories for centuries; consuming more food when it is available and less when it is not. This natural cycle allows the body time to secrete hormones and create healthy cells, while ensuring that it does not overload itself on calories. Intermittent fasting must be attempted correctly to be successful and avoid health risks. Eat Stop Eat is a successful intermittent fasting guide that teaches one how to fast correctly and with freedom and flexibility.

General description

The Eat Stop Eat strategy was developed by Brad Pilon, a nutrition expert who realized the benefits of intermittent fasting for weight loss during his post-graduate studies. The program includes a book written by Pilon, as well as a quick start guide. Pilon’s strategy follows a consumer-controlled schedule of fasting once or twice a week. It allows the person to have control over what they eat, and when they eat, while staying below the calorie threshold, but without ever counting calories. His strategy has been proven to help people lose weight without putting themselves on strict diets or stressing over what they eat.

Product details

Intermittent fasting has been shown to be successful in developing and maintaining healthy bodies in over 300 scientific studies. The most important aspect of intermittent fasting is that it must be done correctly to see benefits and avoid risks. Eat Stop Eat is an easy guide to following a successful intermittent fasting lifestyle with freedom and control over your diet and hunger. Its system has shown to help people lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, boost metabolism, and have healthier bodies overall.

Eat Stop Eat teaches you how to fast once or twice a week. This strategy naturally helps you stay under the calorie threshold needed in order to lose weight. It does not force you to diet, restrict foods, or count calories. It allows you more freedom over your lifestyle, making the process less stressful and providing long-term weight loss and lifelong health.

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Over 54,000 consumers have found success with Pilon’s program. Consumers claim that they have lost weight within weeks, lowered the amount of medications they needed, and look younger by following the program. Consumers should see a difference in their bodies within the first 24 hours of beginning the program. They should see a small decrease in weight and feel more clear-headed. After 30 days, they should notice that their weight has significantly decreased, they have more energy, and they feel healthier overall. They should also notice that the days that they spend fasting become easier than they were at first.


  • Never count calories or restrict your favorite foods. You will naturally consume fewer calories and stay within your calorie threshold. You only fast one or two days a week, and may choose to eat whatever you like the rest of the week. You have the freedom to eat your favorite foods without the guilt that comes with dieting.
  • Increases metabolism and fat burning. Following an intermittent fasting schedule has been found to naturally increase the fat-burning hormone secreted in your body, called the human growth hormone, by up to 15 times. Human growth hormone has many benefits, but has specific capabilities to increase fat burning within the body. Those who have followed the Eat Stop Eat strategy also report fewer food cravings and more control over their hunger.
  • Decreases inflammation. Chronic inflammation is triggered by overeating and being overweight. This inflammation causes people to look older and have difficulty losing weight. Studies have found that following the Eat Stop Eat strategy cuts chronic inflammation in half. Losing weight from the program will continue to decrease inflammation in the body, making you feel and look healthier and younger.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity. When your insulin is too high, your body will not burn fat. The Eat Stop Eat strategy has shown to encourage insulin levels to drop to 1/3 of their natural levels. This causes your body to burn fat quicker.
  • Encourages increased muscle mass. In order to grow muscle mass, the body must have healthy cells and release hormones. Since the strategy lowers inflammation and encourages healthy cells to grow, it helps the body release the hormones needed to attach to muscles during the muscle growth process.
  • Cleanses body. The body naturally cleanses itself through a process called autophagy. However, constant eating slows or even shuts down this process. The Eat Stop Eat strategy gives your body time to cleanse itself during fasting days. You will feel and be healthier because toxins will be naturally cleansed from your body.
  • Less stressful weight loss. Since you are not restricting your favorite foods or counting calories, you do not stress over your diet. The strategy was designed to be easy and stress free. You will have more control and freedom over your life than you would if you were to follow a diet plan.
  • Quick and lasting results. Consumers claim to experience significant weight loss within a few weeks of beginning the program. The program is designed to become a lifestyle change and be long-term, so the weight stays off without long-term dieting and restrictions.


  • Hunger during fasting times. The program is not recommended for those who have too much idle time, as these people may find it difficult to keep their mind off of being hungry during the fasting times. Early in the program, you will feel hungry during fasting times and if you cannot distract yourself from this hunger, it may be more difficult for you.
  • Lifestyle change. You must change your lifestyle, which includes changing your traditional eating habits and structure of your eating schedule. Those who are not willing to give up three meals a day every day will not be able to complete this program.

Final words

The Eat Stop Eat strategy is a successful weight loss and healthy body maintenance program for those who can handle one or two days a week of intermittent fasting. It allows flexibility and control over one’s lifestyle, diet, and cravings. Its technique is backed by many scientific studies that show that intermittent fasting is healthy, safe, and effective for weight loss and maintenance.