DIY Smart Saw Review. Cut out Precision Designs with Ease

How many wood work projects have you done in the past that have ended in disaster? How many wooden items and furniture pieces have you always wanted but never been able to afford? Those days are now a thing of the past. The DIY Smart Saw is a user-friendly saw that can turn even the most inexperienced carpenter into a professional with the click of a button. If you are looking for an idea for a new business or just want to make a few wooden items for your home, you can do them quickly and professionally with the DIY Smart Saw.

No matter what your abilities are, this DIY Smart Saw is easy to put together and easy to make. Once it is up and running, you will be the talk of the town with your fancy woodworking skills. Whether you have used tools or built something in the past is irrelevant because the easy-to-follow guide is so easy to use, and even a child could do it. All those wooden blocks and wooden toys that you couldn’t afford to buy your children can now be homemade with ease and at a fraction of the price.

What is the DIY Smart Saw?

The DIY Smart Saw is exactly what the name suggests, a smart saw that can cut out precision designs with ease. The smart saw can flawlessly cut out any design approximately 20 times faster than the average human. Once you have built your smart saw, you simply connect it to your computer or laptop and let the magic begin. After you have your design, the smart saw will get to work cutting it out. The smart saw works on auto pilot and can redo the same design as many times as you like, which is great if you are making wooden products to sell.

So how do I build the DIY Smart Saw?

The smart saw is a simple, easy-to-make smart saw that anyone can put together at home. You would expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a machine like this, but by using the DIY Smart Saw manual you can save loads of money and still get the same great result. The DIY Smart Saw isn’t the actual saw, but a step-by-step manual to build your own smart saw—hence the name DIY Smart Saw. The guide is incredibly easy to follow, and does away with all the technical jargon that most don’t understand anyway.

To get started, you will need tools that are probably in your tool shed already such as a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver. Depending on what parts you already have, the parts will cost you between $160 and $500, as opposed to paying $30,000 for a ready-made factory manufactured smart saw that will come delivered in parts that you will need to assemble.

The smart saw guide contains a complete parts list that you will need to build your saw. Some of the parts can be recycled and reused from old printers and car spares, or alternatively, you can purchase all the parts new. This will depend on what you have available and your budget for your smart saw. It shouldn’t take you longer than 2-3 of hours to assemble your smart saw.

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Once you have assembled your saw, you are ready to get creative. As a value added bonus the DIY Smart Saw manual includes a “101 woodworking guide.” This guide contains designs and step-by-step instructions to put your saw to use. The manual also includes a video guide to make it even simpler to assemble your smart saw. There is a troubleshooting list and many tips and hints, and warnings of things to look out for, and what to do and what not to do. Once you have your manual, your tools and your parts, you can start to assemble using the easy-to-follow guide.

Pros and cons of the DIY Smart Saw

As with all products, there are always some good points and some not-so-good points. In this case, the good points outweigh the negative points, and it is a great product.


  • A cheap and easy-to-follow manual that will save you hundreds of dollars
  • The guide is written in everyday language with no fancy jargon, making it easy to understand for everybody
  • The smart saw manual has a comprehensive list of hints, tips, and a troubleshooting guide
  • The detailed diagrams and sketches in the manual will assist you if you get stuck during assembly
  • A full list of parts and tools needed for assembly is in the manual
  • Putting your saw together is as easy as building Legos with your children with this manual


  • You will need to source the parts yourself.
  • The guide is only available as a downloadable pdf and video. No hard copy is available


Once you have sourced your parts and dusted off your tools, and finished assembling your DIY Smart Saw, the possibilities are endless. Simply connect to your computer and get started. You can use any kind of computer, and as long as it has internet access, it will work. Remember all those other projects you tried and ended up wasting the wood? Well, they are now nothing but a distant memory.

Once your DIY Smart Saw is ready to get to work you will save hundreds of dollars on botched projects that are incorrectly measured and cut. You can finally make your wife that fancy chair she has always had her eye on, and that toy box with characters cut out of that your son has wanted for his room. Best of all, the smart saw will do it all at least 20 times faster and much more accurately than you could have done without the saw.

Why not start making wooden furniture or toys to sell at the local market to earn extra cash? The smart saw can reproduce the same design as many times as you like with each one being identical. The sky is the limit once you have your smart saw up and running, so why wait? Order your DIY Smart Saw manual today and get ready to impress everyone with your professional carpentry skills.