CB Passive Income Review. Create Long-Term Passive Income

Internet marketing is a growing field that has provided many with either extra or sustainable income. However, it is a difficult field to get started in and requires the right websites and training to be successful. Creating and maintaining websites can be time consuming and expensive, taking away from most marketer’s total profits. The CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 was designed to take the guesswork, busywork, and expensive upkeep out of internet marketing and provide marketers with higher profits.

General Description

The CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 was developed by Patric Chan, author of WakeUp Millionaire. Internet marketers or those interested in getting started in the field may purchase the program, which is an exact clone of Patric’s business, to create passive income for themselves.

The program includes all of the difficult work that would otherwise be time consuming and expensive. Marketers’ only job is to market their own website, which is created and maintained by Patric’s team. The program also includes valuable training and resources, making it accessible and effective for even the most inexperienced marketer.

Product Details

Developed by a successful online marketer who is currently making sustainable, “auto-pilot” income online, The CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 gives both marketing newbies and experienced marketers the opportunity to create passive online income. It works through ClickBank’s affiliate marketing program, which has a typical commission of around 50% and only approves researched, legitimate products for their marketplace.

Once the program is purchased, marketers are immediately given a unique link to a “secret web page” and their only job is to market the web page, sending traffic to it. The traffic that is sent to the webpage remains the marketer’s customers. When those customers spend money through these direct links, the markers make money each time. The webpage itself is completely handled by Patric’s team, including content writing, technical maintenance, design, hosting fees, updates, and free products for subscribers. The program includes extensive training to provide marketers with the experience and resources needed to successfully market their link and increase traffic. Patric’s training courses are step-by-step modules that are designed to be easy to follow and simple to implement.

Marketers who purchase the program receive multiple bonuses that are designed to help them create more traffic and go from a beginner to an experience marketer overnight. The first is a program that creates stunning 3D book e-covers, The Digital Cover Creator. With this resource, marketers can catch subscribers’ attentions quicker and more easily with impressive graphics. It also includes Patric’s Traffic from Google Home Course, which provides extensive training on all of the ways to get traffic from search engine optimization. It teaches marketers how to increase their traffic to their website by utilizing popular search engines, as well as mobile searches. Marketers will learn everything they need to know about search engine updates, off page SEO factors, link building, using social media for effective SEO, and negative ranking factors. The program also includes the Email Assassin Home Course, which features 14 modules that teach marketers how to become expert internet marketers overnight. It includes the most successful little-known e-mail marketing tactics and techniques.

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In addition, marketers save money on additional training programs that would otherwise cost over $450. Included in the program is Patric’s CB Passive Income Accelerator Training, which would normally cost $197. It is free with the CB Passive Income Program and offers exclusive online streaming training that helps marketers jump into their new business with high success. It includes three modules that teach marketers how to get started, how to build their subscriber lists quickly, and how to make their ClickBank commission on automation.

In addition to this training, marketers are given 6 months free of Patric’s Insider Training and Tools Membership, worth $282. This membership provides purchasers with continued premier training and software tools that are designed to build profits. If marketers find that they love this resource, they may continue membership in this program for the regular rate of $47 a month once their 6 months of free membership is completed.

When attempted without Patric’s system, it would cost markers around $25,000 for the initial start-up and continued maintenance of their webpage. Patric offers his program for $47 per month or a one-time investment of $97. He provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for marketers who have followed his steps but are still not satisfied with the program.


  • No work to be completed on website. Purchasers received a completed website that is maintained by Patric’s team. There are no hosting fees and the website is completely designed by a team of professionals. This saves purchasers money, as website setup normally costs around $3,500 or more.
  • No website upkeep. Patric’s team keeps the website updated, from the technical back-end of the website to the content that keeps subscribers interested. Continued maintenance on websites can cost up to $5,000 per month, but it is all included in the program at no extra cost.
  • Valuable products for subscribers. Patric’s team researches the products and creates content that keep subscribers interested. This content is valuable to marketers because it makes their job of getting subscribers to the website even easier. The content and free gifts are periodically updated and automatically integrated into the webpage.
  • Effective training modules. Even if the marketers are not necessarily interested in the income to be made from their website through Patric, they will find the training modules extremely beneficial. The training and resources included in the program can be utilized for any website or products that are being marketed. They provide experienced marketers with valuable resources that will help them grow the rest of their online businesses and increase traffic to any website.
  • Continued income. Patric makes a sustainable income that allows him to travel and spend more time with his family. This program is a clone of his business and has the potential to provide marketers with either extra income or full-time income, depending on the time and effort they put in.
  • Lifetime commission. Each subscriber that the marketer brings in will generate income for the marketer EACH time they make a purchase. Most affiliate marketing programs only offer commission on the subscriber’s first purchase, but this program will generate a commission on lifetime purchases. A marketer’s subscribers remain his or her subscribers for life.
  • Perfect for both newbies and experienced marketers. No matter what experience the marketer has, the program will be beneficial for anyone interested in marketing. For those who are new to online marketing, it gives them the necessary tools and resources to get started and gain experience. For experienced marketers, it gives them great tools that they can utilize to grow their established businesses and increase their income.
  • Low price with great benefits. The investment is only $47 a month, or an even better price of a one-time investment of $97. When compared to the costs of starting a website and maintaining it, this price is extremely low. It also saves marketers money on the additional training tools that are offered, which would normally cost $479, but are included in the program for free. The program also has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not for those who are not interested in marketing. This program is not designed for people who are not interested in marketing, especially online marketing. Those who purchase the program must be willing to market their website and interested in the field of online marketing.
  • Not for those who are not willing to put in time and effort. This program is not easy money and will not turn a profit overnight. Marketers must be willing to input time and effort into marketing their website and learning the valuable techniques to increase traffic. Those who have reviewed the program stated that they did not find themselves successful until they decided to give the program their full effort.

Final Words

Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is a valuable and inexpensive resource for those who are interested in getting started in online marketing or for experienced marketers who are interested in increasing their success and income. It provides purchasers with completed training and resources that are needed to make an income through internet marketing and become highly successful in this business.