Blackout USA Review. Prepare Yourself.

Terrorist groups are constantly growing and plotting their next attacks on the innocent people of the United States. Small to large attacks are carried out all over the world and do not show signs of ceasing. ISIS has learned that the United States’ largest vulnerability is its power grid and is plotting an attack to completely destroy the country’s electricity source. This will result in societal breakdown and catastrophe. Citizens of the United States need to start preparing and learn how to protect themselves and thrive once electricity and modern amenities are stolen from them.

General description

Blackout USA is a full guide to surviving an EMP attack, written by ex-college professor, physicist, and prepper Charles Green. It is promoted by Alec Deacon, who is the author of the bestseller Backyard Liberty, and editor of The guide teaches valuable techniques for everyday people to survive an attack that takes out the United States’ power grid and all sources of electricity.

Product details

Alec Deacon, who has studied survival techniques for over two decades and is specialized in rural and wilderness survival, highly recommends Blackout USA to all Americans.

Deacon explains that the United States is extremely vulnerable with the rise of ISIS and its plots to attack the country’s power grids. Dr. Peter Pry, former CIA officer and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, recently warned that there is an imminent threat from ISIS to the United States’ national electric grid and other experts believe this could happen very soon. It has already happened in other countries, such as Yemen in 2014, when ISIS allies knocked out power for 23 million people. In 2015, 140 million people in Pakistan were left without power for weeks due to a major rebel attack. Experts believe that the United States is the next target.

Deacon further explains that ISIS has the capability to end modern life in the United States very easily with an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, bomb. EMP bombs fry sensitive circuits and are inexpensive and cheap to build. Unlike other terrorist attacks, the attack of an EMP bomb cannot be predicted, but the CIA fears it will happen within the next 12 months.

Once the EMP bomb destroys the United States’ power grid, nothing with electronic components, including cars, televisions, phones, and the internet, will work. This will result in catastrophe, riots, and a post-apocalyptic country. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 Americans will quickly die from starvation and societal collapse. While the White House is prepared to protect themselves, there is no current plan in place to protect U.S. citizens.

Blackout USA was written to teach U.S. citizens how to protect themselves when this attack occurs. Alec Deacon and the book’s author, Charles Green, want to give citizens the tools necessary to thrive in a post-apocalyptic country. Charles Green spent two years studying the lives of the Amish to learn the secrets to living without electricity and protecting an entire community from starvation and devastation.

Blackout USA is a comprehensive guide to surviving an EMP, as well as virtually any disaster. It provides its readers with the information necessary to protect their family, communities, and lives. It includes a guide to assembling a simple device with household items that will shield electronics from an EMP, as well as revealing which five vital electronic devices survivors will need. Charles Green shares what he learned from the Amish to prevent food and medications from spoiling. The guide explains the seven must-have food and medical supplies to have, including which first aid tools will not age, and how much to store ahead of time. It includes information on how to protect families by keeping them under the radar, and home protection strategies. It teaches readers how to ensure that their car and important appliances still run, including three cheap ways to make energy.

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Those who purchase the guide will also be provided with two exclusive reports. Off-Grid Home Protection Systems teaches readers how to defend their home against criminals and looters. How to Make Your Own Pharmacy is the ultimate guide to survival medicine and gives information regarding natural medicinal remedies to use when doctors are no longer available.

Purchasers are also given full access to the “Member’s Area,” which gives them the opportunity to personally ask Charles and Alec questions regarding the guide and all other survival information. This will provide readers with clear answers to their questions.

Blackout USA costs $37 for a digital download. Physical copies of the product also cost $37, with an added $7.99 shipping and handling charge. If readers are not satisfied with the information provided by the guide, they may request a full refund within 60 days with no questions asked.


Written and backed by survival specialists

Alec Deacon, who recommends the guide, is the author of the best seller, Backyard Liberty, editor of, has studied survival techniques for over two decades, and specializes in rural and wilderness survival.

The guide’s author, Charles Green, is an ex-college professor, physicist, and survival prepper who took a two-year sabbatical to study the ways of Amish life.

Save money on other survival methods

The guide will provide enough information to survival virtually any disaster. It will save preppers money on wasted supplies and other prepping methods. Preppers will learn which products to stop wasting money on, since many products will become useless or spoil.

Learn to assemble a device to protect your electronics

Some electronics will still be needed, such as walkie-talkies to communicate with family and other preppers, flashlights, and other important devices. The guide explains how to easily and inexpensively assemble a device that will protect these devices. It also includes the top devices that will need to be protected and utilized.

Learn secrets of the Amish

Learn how to live without electricity and modern amenities. Learn how the Amish thrive without electronics, vehicles, modern medicine, and grocery stores. These valuable lessons will teach families and communities how to flourish when modern amenities are no longer available.

Learn to keep family safe

Learn how to protect family from criminals and looters, as well as how to care for yourself and family members without the availability of doctors and modern medicine. Keep them safe within their home with powerful home protection strategies.

Two included exclusive reports

Off-Grid Home Protection Systems and How to Make Your Own Pharmacy are two included reports that are packed with extra tips and recommendations that will be extremely useful in the event of any disaster.

Access to ask questions directly

Purchasers have the opportunity to have their questions answered directly by Alec and Charles.


Instead of wasting money on other prepping materials, the guide only costs $37.

Money-back guarantee

Those who are not satisfied will receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase with no questions asked.


No guarantee that it will be needed

While it is predicted that this disaster will occur within the next year, there is no guarantee that it will occur during our lifetime. This is a small risk that readers and preppers take when preparing for any type of disaster.

Final words

Blackout USA is a powerful tool and guide for those who are ready to protect themselves from any disaster, and especially one that knocks out power to the country. It includes many important resources and step-by-step information to protect families and communities, as well as how to thrive when modern amenities are no longer available.