2 Week Diet Review. Get Rid of Your Body Fat Within Several Weeks

The general public has been told over and over again that it takes time to lose body fat, often several months or years. Because of this, those who want to lose weight often settle for lengthy diets or programs that do not provide quick results. Without the motivation of seeing results, it becomes more and more difficult to stick to the programs. The belief that weight must be lost slowly is inaccurate and never offers results people are looking for, which is why the 2-Week Diet was created.

General description

The 2-Week Diet is a scientifically based program that guarantees a loss of 8-16 lbs. of body fat in two weeks. It was created by a nutrition and weight-loss expert and uses little-known, yet scientifically proven methods that are used by successful champion bodybuilders, celebrities, and fitness gurus. It includes four handbooks that are available for instant download for $37.

Product details

The 2-Week Diet was designed by a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, weight loss consultant and author named Brian Flatt. Brian found through thorough research that the belief that losing weight takes many months is inaccurate, and that people can be losing weight in as few as 2 weeks.

Brian researched the reasons why people have extra weight. He found that one of the top reasons is because there is too much bad information about weight loss and weight gain for the public. The diet industry spends millions of dollars a year adding to the hype of losing weight in different ways, yet yields few results. Many people attempt the “eat less, exercise more” programs, but fail because these programs do not address hormones and the calories that are actually good for the body.

Other programs fail because they do not deliver results quick enough, causing people to lose motivation and try new programs. He also found that cellular inflammation is a major cause of weight gain for many people; it also increases the onset of disease. With all of this information, Brian decided it was time for a good program to be designed, one that is easy to follow, personalized, and has up-to-date expert advice.

The 2-Week Diet works much differently than other diets and weight loss programs. It is safe and effective, using no weight loss pills or supplements. Most weight loss programs only stop more fat from forming. The 2-Week Diet targets existing triglycerides, which are what fat is made up of, and breaks them down to be burned for energy instead of continuing to be stored as fat. The body will then use this energy to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also stops the body from forming new triglycerides. This is why the program works much quicker than other available programs.

The 2-Week Diet guarantees a loss of 8-16 lbs. of pure body fat in two weeks, 2-6” off the waistline, and the ability to fit into clothes that are 2-3 dress sizes smaller. Those on the program will reap multiple benefits such as increased muscle, decreased cellulite, more energy, improved cholesterol, a flatter stomach, and a faster metabolism. They will also look and feel healthier and more youthful and have control over their body’s weight for the rest of their lives.

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The 2-Week Diet comes with four complete handbooks. The Launch Handbook condenses the most essential information about the program. It works as an introduction to the plan, but also includes valuable information about the science behind gaining and losing weight. It also includes insider secrets behind effective, quick weight loss that will not be found elsewhere. The Diet Handbook includes simple instructions for the plan, personalized for each individual body. It explains what to eat, how much, and when to eat it. It provides a list of delicious, affordable fat-burning foods that can be purchased at any regular grocery store.

This handbook also includes Brian’s “top secret weapon” for lasting results. The Activity Handbook is designed for those who wish to exercise while using the plan. While exercise is optional, it can nearly double results. This handbook provides a straightforward guide for working out on a busy schedule. It includes quick and easy routines that last about 20 minutes and should be completed 2-4 days a week. Finally, the Motivation Handbook features proven techniques for focus and control. It provides inspiration and energy so that those on the program are in the proper mindset to stay committed and lose weight.
The entire program is available as an instant download for $37. If customers are not satisfied with the program, they may request a refund with 2-Week Diet’s 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Quick results. The 2-Week Diet offers the quickest and most effective results of any weight loss program, while remaining safe for the body. Within only 2 weeks, those who purchase and try the program are guaranteed to lose 8-16 lbs. of body fat. These quick results provide satisfaction and motivation to continue working towards goals. It also includes long-lasting results so that purchasers will have a lifetime of control over their weight.
  • Affordable. Brian Flatt, creator of the 2-Week Diet, charges personal clients up to $100 per session as a weight loss consultant. This program offers all of his secrets, advice, and proven techniques for only $37. Purchasers can buy the program risk-free with its 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Complete program. The 2-Week Diet is a complete program that includes education on weight loss, a diet plan, instructions regarding exercise, and proven techniques for a successful weight-loss mindset. There are not many weight loss programs available that offer such a full-circle plan. Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise, and the 2-Week Diet provides the necessary education and psychological techniques needed for lasting success.
  • Created by an expert. Brian Flatt is a best-selling author and weight loss coach, as well as a certified personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist. He researched the techniques and methods that he included in the program to ensure the best results. The methods are scientifically proven and have been successfully utilized by body builders, celebrities, and fitness gurus.
  • Numerous benefits. The 2-Week Diet offers the quickest results to lose 8-16 lbs., 2-4” off the waistline, and fit into clothes 2-3 dress sizes smaller. Those who have used the program have found that it increased muscle and their overall energy, decreased their cellulite, and improved their cholesterol levels. They also felt and looked healthier and more youthful.


  • No physical version. The 2-Week diet is only offered in a PDF digital version. Its four included handbooks are only available digitally instead of physical books.

Final words

The 2-Week Diet is a safe and effective way to lose 8-16 lbs. of body fat within 2 weeks. Its four handbooks offer full-circle weight-loss methods, education, a simple food plan, an exercise regimen, and motivation to stay in the best mindset for results. With its quick results, purchasers find it easier to stay committed and remain passionate about their weight loss journey. It is offered at a great price with a money-back guarantee, making the purchase 100% risk-free.