15 Minute Manifestation Review. Reprogram Your Subconscious

Quantum physics and neurologists have recently discovered that our reality is created by our attention; where our attention is focused and what it is focused on. The subconscious controls our attention and most peoples’ subconscious has been plagued by negativity and limiting beliefs. This causes our attention to focus on what we do not want; limitations, negative outcomes, and the inability to achieve what we desire.

The subconscious cannot be reprogrammed by learning; it must be accessed through a specific combination of frequencies and guided mediation scripts. 15-Minute Manifestation offers this unique combination in the highest quality tones and scripts to provide the quickest results.

General Description

The 15-Minute Manifestation is a collection of tracks that utilize scientifically-proven sound frequencies and guided meditation scripts to reprogram the subconscious into attracting desires. It is instantly accessed through a download and offers three tracks that have been found to erase limiting beliefs that are deep within the subconscious and help replace them with new beliefs of abundance and prosperity. It guarantees results in as little as 21 days, but results will become more dramatic the longer it is utilized.

Product Details

The 15-minute Manifestation was developed by Eddie Sergey, a self-made financially-abundant entrepreneur with no schooling, including a high school diploma. He was pulled from school in the fourth grade when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. When he decided at that young age that he was not ready to die, he began listening to a tape his mother gave him. The tape had a special tone played behind positive words being said aloud. Miraculously, he was healed. He kept listening to the tapes when his family became poor and homeless, and as a child he made over $20,000 over a few years’ time selling fruits to tourists. This is when he discovered the power behind this unique tone combined with positive meditation techniques.

Eddie researched the tone and found that quantum physics studies show that there is a connection between our reality and our attention, our attention and our subconscious, and our subconscious and unique sound frequencies. Once we can access our subconscious using sound frequencies, we can change our attention and change our reality. Our brains have been conditioned throughout our lives to expect negativity and focus on what we do not want.

We unconsciously focus our attention on the things in life that induce stress, which only generates more of what we do not want. If we can dissolve this attention to negativity and refocus our attention to what we really want, our desires will naturally manifest themselves. Luckily, we can do so without actually “learning” anything. With the power of science, we can help our brains reorganize themselves by establishing new connections between the cells. This is the science behind 15-Minute manifestation.

The 15-Minute Manifestation uses a special frequency tone called Theta, which can directly access the subconscious. Eddie sought out the best audio engineers to develop the purest Theta frequencies that are played in combination with high-quality real nature sounds such as ocean waves, rain, streambeds, and wind. This combination causes the brain to jump into a hyper-receptive mode, which is a deep meditation state. Played over this combination of tones is a guided meditation that was developed by skilled hypnosis and NLP professionals. After 21 days of listening to the combination of the Theta tones, nature sounds, and guided meditation listeners will begin to see the effects occurring in their lives.

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The 15-Mintue Manifestation features three tracks to be played in order. The first track is called “Your Natural State”. It begins to open up the mind to its natural state and starts dissolving limiting beliefs that push away our desires. By the end of the first week of listening to this track, the brain should be reset in the condition it was in at birth. The second track is called “Your New Story” and further opens up the mind to allow new, positive beliefs in. This track helps the brain continue to rid itself of “old stories”, which will have no power over the subconscious anymore. These old stories will naturally fall away and be replaced by the ability to focus on true desires.

The final track is called “Moving Towards Abundance”. It finalizes the reverse cycle of negativity and scarcity, allowing the subconscious to refocus its attention on new stories of abundance and prosperity. It is recommended to use the product for a minimum of 21 days, but the longer it is used, the more dramatic the results will become.

Included with 15-Minute Manifestation is a bonus track called Deep Sleep Now, valued at $39.99, but provided free with this purchase. While the 15-Minute Manifestation tracks use the Theta frequency to access the subconscious, Deep Sleep Now uses the Delta brain wave frequency. The Delta frequency calms the subconscious and produces feelings of rest, sleep, and peace. This track has the ability to erase years of anxiety and stress while inducing a deep restful state. It is a full 15-minute track that constructed similarly to the 15-Minute Manifestation. Pulsing Delta beats are paired with high-quality nature sounds and calming music. This combination is played behind a guided meditation to induce calmness and peace.

The 15-Minute Manifestation normally retails for $97, but is now being offered for $47. The free gift of the Deep Sleep Now track, normally $39.99, is included for free. Purchasers are provided with instant access through a downloadable link to listen to the tracks on their computer, tablet, and smart phone. The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for any customer who is unsatisfied.


  • Backed by science. 15-Minute Manifestation uses scientific data found by several studies including research conducted by London College University. Quantum physics studies have shown that our reality is created by our attention. Neurologists agree that our attention is controlled by our subconscious, which is what the Theta tones access to create new connections. These new connections are called neuroplasticity and the brain becomes more powerful through hemispheric brain synchronization; when the two sides of our brains work together instead of separately. The 15-Minute Manifestation works to create this powerful connection within the brain.
  • High-quality. The creator of 15-Minute Manifestation sought out the best audio engineers to develop the purest Theta frequencies possible. They also recorded high-quality real nature sounds. Next, the creator paired with top NLP and hypnosis experts to create a high-quality guided meditation script to play over the Theta tones and nature sounds.
  • Powerful benefits. Those who have found success with 15-Minute Manifestation rave about the changes that have been made in their lives. The tracks have the potential to bring our greatest desires into our lives. They bring abundance, prosperity, better relationships, and achieved goals.
  • Affordable price. For the same benefits of manifestation, one would need to be treated by a hypnotherapist for at least five weeks. These sessions cost $150 each on average, resulting in a total of $750 over the course of the five weeks. Normally, hypnotherapists do not offer money back if their services do not work and it may take even longer than five weeks. 15-Minute Manifestation normally retails for $97, but is being offered for $47. Buyers will own the tracks for life, take as long as they need, and never pay more than the original price. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee if purchasers are not satisfied.
  • Bonus gift. Deep Sleep Now normally costs $39.99, but comes free with the purchase of 15-Minute Manifestation. It uses Delta brain wave frequency to provide the listener with feelings of restfulness, sleep, and peace.


  • No physical version. While the digital download may be convenient for most, some may be more comfortable with the physical version on CD. However, this is not currently offered by 15-Minute Manifestation.
  • Not to be used while driving. While the tracks do not have any adverse side effects, it is recommended that they are not used while driving or operating equipment. The meditative state that is induced through the tracks may cause too much distraction from these activities.

Final Words

15-Minute Manifestation is a scientifically-backed set of tracks that are strategically designed to unlock the powers of the subconscious. It has the capability to provide listeners with abundancy, prosperity, and access to their desires simply by listening to the tracks. It provides powerful benefits for anyone with its ability to erase limiting beliefs of the subconscious. It comes at an affordable price with a generous gift and money-back guarantee.